Purdy rides again

Ron Purdy(81) was asked to take part in the Wellness Fitness Inter-Borough games,held at Brixton Leisure Centre, reprsenting Harrow He had to ride on a fixed bike in the gym. He should have had another cyclist to share the time but he managed the 40 minutes on his own covering 21.5 Kms. Pleased to find that Ickenham only manged 18.1 Km with 3 taking part. After 5 minutes the saddle came loose and the screw came out.  Yours truly had to hold it down whilst one of the staff found a screwdriver to fix it. Shades of the TDF.  Picture shows him shaking hands with the Lord Mayor of Harrow.

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  1. hippy says:

    Woah, woah woah.. Ron is 81?!



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