Positive news about Simon

Message from Melita Luxton of Audax UK regarding Simon Doughty’s present condition.

Dear All

I visited Simon yesterday and can report that there has been someimprovement in his condition.In the last week he has shown some awareness of his environment and isresponding to outside stimuli. His eyes are now fully open and he isfollowing movement around him. However, he is unfocussed and appears tobefollowing movement rather than individuals, unless the individual isdirectly talking to him. (NB Simon does not at this moment in time have hisglasses which may account for some of the lack of focus, though not all).

He can respond to exceptionally simple commands (eg ‘let go of my hand’) thoughnot yet communicate significantly. He is making his pain and distress clear when being handled (eg moving his hands when being suctioned via his trachesotomy or having physiotherapy). These are very positive signs, though Simon is still far from recovering significant neurological functioning – he can only respond, not initiate. Although slight, these signs are however, a major step forward from the unconsciousness that he was experiencing two weeks ago.

However, at this time, in spite of his progress, it is still far too early to gauge how much of a recovery Simon will make in the long term. Simon will undergo further surgery today to remove the pins and plates in his hips, those in his femur and ankle will be taken out at a later date. This will allow more intensive physiotherapy. Simon still has a tracheostomy inplace, though is no longer on oxygen. It is likely he will be moved fairly soon back to Sheffield (details when known).

I understand that one of the passengers in the stolen vehicle has been arrested. The family are awaiting a decision from the Crown Prosecution Service as to the final charges that are to be brought against the driver of the vehicle who remains in custody.

Janet and his family have again expressed their thanks for the many messagesyou are continuing to send. As ever, further updates as I get them.

Melita Luxton

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