Paris-Brest-Paris – Sleeping Accommodation

Tim Wainwight has had a good top off about sleeping accommodation for the start of the Paris-Brest in August.

“Hi all prospective PBP riders,

Pam Pilbeam is in charge of booking hotel accommodation on behalf of AUK. She has just told me the two hotels we normally book have already been block booked. She has been unable to find any hotel accommodation within a ten miles radius of the start, despite phone calls, internet searches, etc.

What she has done though, is to book 10 4/5 berth chalets on the campsite, at just over £100 per person each for the week. Check these out on the AUK website under PBP.I have already booked a chalet for myself as I don’t want to take a tent this year after getting flooded out last time and very little sleep on the crucial night before the start. Once word gets out about the hotels, I reckon the other chalets will go pretty quickly, so seize the opportunity while you can.

All chalets have their own shower, toilet and kitchen plus linen supplied and bikes can be locked to the verandah. You can leave all your kit in it for the duration of the ride.”

Good advice Tim. He also has some suggestions for supporting riders on the event, as follows –

” I think we need a revise on previous years to make life easier for the helpers, who were really hard pushed and worked miracles supporting the riders.

A few ideas I have had:
1. Hire a large tent (sleep 10-12 whatever) and only take that on the route, to be sited at Fougeres. This will be used on the outward and return leg. This will save helpers have to erect/dismantle numerous tents. If you want to take your own tent for the Paris campsite, that’s your choice.

2. The bus will only take and support WCC members.

3. Everyone who is supported pays an equal share, whether they travel in the bus to Paris, or make their own way there.

4. On the final night of the ride, if helpers don’t want to erect the tent, we grab our sleeping bags/mats and head for the hall.

Any thoughts, anyone? Let’s try and get the ball rolling early, so we can have a plan to work to.


If you would like to post your ideas, then use the Comments field below this posting.

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