Palaces, Paths, Parks & a Puncture

A small group assembled at Kew Bridge this morning for a Brian Moon Special – Thames Paths, Royal Palaces and Parks. Sights along the way included the spot where Marc Bolan hit a tree on Barnes Common, ending a promising career, and the 4s Heads of the River rowing event. My new cross bike got a bit filthed on the paths and will need cleaning.

A passing runner stopped to take our picture on Kew Bridge, in dry weather. After battling through hordes of joggers, walkers and some lunatic chaps on MTBs racing along the river path shouting at rowing boats to row faster, the first stop was the London Wetlands Centre (“Once Bittern, Twice Shy” Mr B. Moon).

More muddy paths to Fulham Palace, summer retreat for Bishops of London (not two football clubs) now serving coffee and a wide range of nice cakes at prices the clergy would have applauded for the impoverishing qualities. Mr Raymond Kelly then stopped for a spot of medieval fowntaine abuse (for the camera).

Then a fast run down a less muddy but more filthy path to Hampton Court. By now I had an attractive brown stripe at the rear, like a negative of a badger. Time to stop for pumpkin soup in the high class cafe with the leather chairs. Luckily the gents had a dryer turning it into a virtual laundromat, at least for the ‘waterproof’. Then back through Richmond Park and Bushy Park with the deer ignoring us.

A great day out – something very different and really enjoyable.

Club Capitaine
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