Nick Tidmarsh

I have just heard from Nick’s son, Brian, that his father passed away this morning aged 103. Nick still rode his bike when he was over 80 and was a Vice Chairman of the club and one of its early members in the 1920. He and his late wife,Ruby, expressed a desire for their bodies to be used for medical research and therefore there will be no formal funeral. A celebration of their lives is to be aranged for them both later in the year to which club members will be welcome. Photo shows Nick on his 101st Birthday at the Old Timers Section lunch at Alresford.nick 101

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  1. Ian Why says:

    Another sad loss for the club RIP Nick!

  2. Stan Vygus says:

    Nick was an original memmber of the club when it was a political organisation.
    He was secretary of “the old timers association” for many years following the passing of Frank Greenaway. He was about 80 years of age when he inhereted this presiduous post
    and still competing in Vets time trials. I inhereted the Old Timers job in 1999-or thereabouts
    Nick still attended our meetings, he enjoyed keeping in touch with cycling and his old friends. The Old timers was formed in 1950 by pre-war members who had survived the war and wanted to keep in touch. The next generation was invited to join when the old uns gradualy joined the “Paradise wheelers”. Alas Nick was the last survivor of that generation.
    Happy days Nick we will miss you old friend

  3. Brendan Smith says:

    My Love and thoughts are with Nick’s family. I remember on cold morning time trials at the beginning of the season, ‘Nick how did you do today pal’ I would say. With a grim genuinely dissapointed look… ‘Ahh not too good’ …. I would peer into his eyes, I was a newbie to the club, just starting to learn from my dear friends around me.Nick then was in his seventies and I tell you now this is the truth I would swear his answer was based on the fact that he truely expected to have gone faster. That man had no concept of age,and I looked forward to chatting to him and loved him very much.Brendan

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