New Years Day Parade

This years New Year’s Day parade looks set to be one of the best yet for the Willesden. We are number 18 in the parade start order, which means that we will be right at the heart of the world’s best NYD parade

Meeting Instructions
  • The meeting point is in the Blue assembley area.
  • Entry to this area is at the junction of Horseferry Road and Millbank.
  • We will be along Millbank towards Abingdon Street. (Near to the Houses of Parliament).
  • Please arrive by 11.30am (Tuesday 1st January 2008).

Please wear a version of the Willesden kit. You won’t need cycling shoes as the event is very stop-start and there will be periods when we will be stationary. Wrap up warm underneath. It has been known to be nippy on New Year’s Day.

Ray will have a supply of WCC tops for those that need them. You can contact him via (put NYD Parade in the subject ).
Ray ‘The Ringmaster’ Kelly

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  1. Edward says:

    Have a good parade – sorry I can’t come along, but am stuck in Suffolk!

    Happy new year and best wishes to all in the club – I’ve written up a ‘top 10’ of my cycling year – no individual achievement to match the PBP or anything like that, but in my own way I was pleased with how the year progressed. You can read it here.

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