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Hello all,

Sorry for the amount of time it has taken us to get around to this, but after many comments of how the last website was a pain to edit and out of date, we have decided to bring Willesden CC into the “tweens” with a brand new website.

The main feature of this site is that it will be completely manageable and editable by Willesden members, hopefully making it a central part of how the club communicates to it’s members.

The all new blog area (“The Willesden Hub”) is hugely expanded and allows for enhanced commenting. It also allows for categorisation of posts, for example you can now just view posts about time-trials or road-racing or whatever you want. We want members to post their own stories and news to this area and feedback on other members news.

UPDATE: If you are a “tweeter” on Twitter, simply tag your posts with “#willesdencc” and they will show up on our Live twitter feed page

We hope you like the new facilities and help us make this a better site for all.

All the best

Rich Cooper (part time WillesdenCC racer, full time geek.)

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  1. jwheatley says:

    Huge improvements – the effort you have put in is much appreciated.

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