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Hi Ray,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you about meeting up on a bike somewhere. I’ve had a few issues with my back, hip and knee – apprently due to sitting down at a desk too much! I’m confined at the moment to the turbo and swimming.
Anyway, I thought I’d send you this link about mountain biking in Piemonte. When I had my house there (sold in 2011, unfortunately), Guiseppe Rossi – one of the organisers for this MTB project – was my next door neighbour. He and his family were extremely pleasant and friendly neighbours to have and Guiseppe is a very keen and committed cyclist and cycling organiser. He has run numerous cycle training courses for children and young people over a number of years and for awhile had a purpose-built MTB course on the hill next to his house.
Would Willesden be happy to place a link on the website for ‘Cycling and Hiking In Piemonte’? I can highly recommend both the area (Province of Asti, near Acqui Terme) for its cycling terrain (perfect for both MTB and road) and the expertise and skill of Guiseppe and his colleagues. In addition to this, Piemonte is famed for its cuisine and wines and there are numerous excellent restaurants and vineyards close to where Guiseppe lives.
There are plenty of places to stay nearby, whether at small hotels or ‘Agriturismos’ – usually wine producers who also have accommodation.
Access is good too, with airports at Milan, Turin and Genoa 1.5 to 2 hours drive away.
Let me know if you need any more information.
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  1. Giuseppe says:

    Hi everyone.
    I’m really happy to read your post about cycling activities in Piedmont.
    You are all welcome in Piedmont.

    Thank you so much. (In Italian we say ….GRAZIE MILLE !)


  2. Jim Mears says:

    I thinka we outa senda Richie Cooper over to Piemonte for soma training. Whata you think uh.?

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