Mid Week Meander

Last Wednesday I bunked off work to ride “Midweek Meander” organised by Liz and Rocco. The 200km Route wound its way from Ruislip out to controls at Thame and Chipping Norton. A good ride with several hills to test out your PBP form. The event was well supported , with at least seven Willesden riders taking part. The finish was back at Liz’s house, which is always a warm and homely end to a day’s cycling.

The final 10 yards of the route proved to be the most exacting. During the ride along the alley to Liz’s back garden my bike stalled coming out of a pothole and I collapsed sideways into the waiting brambles. Jim McKay managed a few more yards before he similarly stalled his machine. From my thorny liar I saw him affect a great track stand for several seconds. His feet put up a brave fight to free themselves of the Look pedals who were firmly holding them hostage. Gravity never takes a day off and Jim eventually introduced himself to the next set of brambles along the alley. As he fell to earth I noted his expression was one of resignation rather than surprise. Still, no damage done and I’m ready to test out the excellent stingies on this Saturday’s 200 from Sonning common.

John Davies

Thanks to Steve Ayres for the Photos of Jim, Brian and yours truly

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