Message from your time trial secretary and deputy club runs leader

The West London CA 25 was held on 7th April. Jaysel recorded a 1.08.58. A great ride considering he rode the 32 miles out to the event into a headwind! The conditions were cool and foggy. Gill managed a 1.22.27 – a slow time but a lot of effort went into it. Brian Moon and Ray Green and Derek were out to support he Willesden Riders. Casey Matthews was unable to start due to illness.

The next West London CA 25 is on the 19th May. The Willesden is down to help the Twickenham with the marshalling. If you can help with the marshalling please let Gill know. We are no longer running the 50 so helping marshalling this 25 is not too much to ask.

If members want to ride the event on the 19th May can they let Gill know (07594435107 or by 12th May.

As the Willesden members will be either marshalling or riding this event – the club run destination has been changed to the Coffee Shop at Aston Clinton.

If any one has any ideas for a club run destination (or want to lead one) can they let me know. Gill

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