Mersey Roads 24Hour TT – “Hippy” is National Champion

WiIlesden National Jersey

Mark Brooking spent the weekend lending support to riders on the 24hour Mersey Roads, so he was right on the spot to report on this great news . Here is his quick report –

“Didn’t we do well!!!
Stewart Birnie wins national 24 with 520+ miles.
Willesden ladies Jane Swain & Arabella Maude set a new ladies tandem trike first and best with 347+. This is a competition record subject to confirmation and is also a veterans record and a club record. They are also eligible for the club’s Reg Yate trophy.”

More details on Stuart Birnie’s ride can be found on Cycling Weekly’s web site (Thanks to Tony Savage for the link) – More news will follow once all the riders and supporters have had a good snooze and feed.

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One Response to Mersey Roads 24Hour TT – “Hippy” is National Champion

  1. Ian Why says:

    Wow what a weekend!
    Congratulations to Jane and Arabella and Hippy on their Brilliant rides! EXCELLENT!!
    And well done to Mark for the support. That’s not easy either.

    Oh and apparently some ‘English” bloke won a race in France as well this weekend!

    Cycling rocks!!

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