Maidenhead evening TT’s

The Maidenhead DCC club events start this week, and the first three are being held on the same course as the District GHS (4th July). This is an ideal opportunity for your junior members to come and ride the course and get used to the lie of the land.

There are two events on each of these three weeks. The first is a 5 mile, single circuit, for 12-17 age group; the second a full 10 for ages 12+

Day Date Time Dist. Course Notes
Thu 2 Apr 18:15 5 HCC234 Jv/Jn
Thu 2 Apr 18:30 10 HCC234
Thu 9 Apr 18:30 5 HCC234 Jv/Jn
Thu 9 Apr 18:45 10 HCC234
Thu 16 Apr 18:30 5 HCC234 Jv/Jn
Thu 16 Apr 19:00 10 HCC234

All these events are C&TI. Lights & helmet are strongly recommended.
Entry for the 10 mile is £2 (12-17) and £3 (18+).
Entry for the 5 mile is free (I’m paying).

Kind regards,
Andrew Small.
07770 864152

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