London 2012 Men’s Road Race

Friday 27th.  Still no idea where I’m going to watch the men’s race. Looking like the sofa.  Hold on, Rich Cooper has been doing some homework, and has found a route from Ealing all the way to almost Box Hill without riding on closed roads! We are ON!  And the sun is still out! And Cav is definitely going to win this.  This is so great, never mind I forgot to put suncream on, or pack any sandwiches. Keith E and Marianne, plus Rich, Suzanne and me head for the hills.

There’s a big crowd already at Headley, where there’s a camp site and sectioned off areas, for Redhill CC, Addiscombe CC, plus someone called Jeff.  These huge areas are by no means full but we can’t get in even though we are all good mates of Jeff honest and we are all second claim Redhill/Addiscombe.  We find a spot in front of some Dutch people.  The useless security staff (boy are they rubbish) say we may not stand there, as the Dutch people put their chairs out 3 hours ago.   Europe is finished. Still, we are practically front row, roadside here.

Not long now and nine laps fly past.  All the time we still believe in Team GB.  They look relaxed, in control…   After the last circuit everyone moves to get view of the big screen.  There’s one guest of Addiscombe CC who just will not sit down, even though about 5000 people behind him have a restricted view because of his arse.

Thanks to Rich for a great route out and a brilliant day.  Sunday’s outlook – wet, but silver…

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  1. Marianne says:

    Great day and report, much thanks to Rich for organising such a memorable day.

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