LEL Progress


08:07 First Willesdener has reached the finish – well done Marcus!

11:30 Mel and Martin have both just finished – congratulations to you both!

20:50 Pete and Richard finish – chapeau!

Friday, the small hours. Both Jon and Toshihiko finished in time. Toshihiko with just over half an hour to spare, Jon’s later start time meant he was around two hours within the limit. Both guys must have been exhausted at the end as progress was excrutiatingly slow, but a fantastic achievement to get there.

At 09:15, Friday, the LEL tracker is showing:

Mel Kirkland, rider B31, started Sunday 06:00, FINISHED at 11:28
Martin Lucas, rider B34, started Sunday 06:00, FINISHED at 11:07
Pete Turnbull, rider G4, started Sunday 07:15, FINISHED at 20:51
Marcus Jackson-Baker, rider S46 started Sunday 09:30, FINISHED at 08:07
Richard Jennings rider G5, started Sunday 07:15, FINISHED at 20:50
Toshihiko Kitagawa rider C50, started Sunday 06:15, FINISHED at 02:49
Jonathan Gray rider P33, started Sunday 09:00, FINISHED at 03:45

Yoshiji Sekido dropped out after just over 48 hours past Brampton.


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2 Responses to LEL Progress

  1. Marcus JB says:

    Brilliant stuff – well done to everyone.

    I only saw Peter and Richard at the registration sadly.

    I didn’t see Toshi at all – but really pleased he finished. I met Jon on the road coming towards the first control and rode alongside him, so again I am pleased he finished in time as well.

    Mel, Martin and myself spent a good chunk of Wednesday riding together.

    Superb event! Well done to everyone involved

  2. Peter says:

    Well done everyone. Nice to see you were sad not seeing me on the ride Marcus I thought you were all avoiding me!!!!

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