Lance season clearout

I’m having an end of season clear out.

I’ve recently switched from using Look Delta pedals and cleats. If anyone would like 3 or 4 sets of well-used Look pedals (various models), please get in touch. Note that these pedals are NOT compatible with the newer Look Keo cleats.

I’m also looking to shift my old low profile time trialling bike. The frame was hand built by former Willesden CC member Ian Piper. It’s 56cm centre to top. The paintwork is quite worn, but I do have a new set of Ian Piper transfers if you would like to badge it up. The bike has a Shimano chainset, seat pin, brakes and front changer. The chainset is in need of some chainring bolts!

I’ve whipped the old rear changer off it, so you’ll have to find another from somewhere. The base bar and brake levers are almost new. The bar-end gear levers can be used in friction mode or for Shimano SiS 8 speed changers. The SiS mode works well with the 7 speed, screw on block (12-18) currently fitted.

The white Zipp disc wheel is fitted with a well-used but sound tubular. It’s an old disc, but I have recently replaced the bearings. It’s threaded for a block on one side and fixed wheel on the other. The front wheel has a tubular V-section rim. I may be able to include a spare tubular rear wheel.

The bike has no saddle or pedals.

If you’d like more details, pictures or a chance to see the kit, get in touch via

Lance Woodman

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  1. lancewrite says:

    Slight correction… Ian Piper is still a member of the club. LW

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