Jayne’s own account of the Reading GP

I raced the Reading GP on Saturday.

I came 3rd in the 15km Derny race behind Corinne Hall ( National
Points Race Champion) and Janet Birkmyer (former National Derny
Champion, amongst other things).

Sean Bannister was my pacer, and is regarded as one of the best in
the field. It was a lovely day, slightly windy (me, not the day), and
the sun was out. We took to the front and drove the pace up early on
and before long we had quite a lead. Rohan Battison (very nippy, track
and road) and Marianne Britton (Ladies Masters A Road Race Champion)
Hall and Birkmyer came past us after about 10k. A few laps later we
were back up in 3rd position having nipped past Britton and Battison.
With only a few laps to go, it was do or die, as we attempted to go
round the outside of Birkmyer who in turn was trying to take Hall.
Neither of us succeeded, and I chose ‘die’.

I also raced a Keirin and came 2nd. A young sprinter-girl from Team
Termite came whipping past like a black blade thrown by a Greek God. I
was able to hold the others back by weaving and spitting.

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