Cycling research study – forwarded information

Dear Willesden Cycling Club,

I’m a researcher from University College London, and am currently conducting a research study with collaborators from the British Olympic Association. We are investigating a new way of improving the performance of elite athletes, and in particular cyclists.

We are conducting a study for Club Cyclists involving a ramp exercise test and blood pressure cuff inflations on the legs. Volunteer travel expenses are covered, and we can provide standard test data such as VO2 max, Anaerobic Threshold, maximum Work Rate etc to assist with training.

I have attached an email below which discusses the project. Would it be possible for you to distribute this to members of your cycling club to help us with the recruitment for our study? If you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask (a study information leaflet is available upon request).

Kind regards

William Jenner

MBPhD Student
Centre for Clinical Pharmacology, Rayne Building
Division of Medicine
University College London
5 University Street

UCL Project ID Number: 2907/001

Cyclists Wanted

Are you interested in helping with scientific research to develop new techniques aimed at improving performance? We are recruiting healthy non-smoking men and women aged 18-45, who regularly cycle at a competitive level to take part in a research study looking at a new technique that may help to improve the performance of elite athletes. The research is non-invasive and involves standard cycle ergometer testing.
The studies are being carried out by researchers at University College London and the British Olympic Medical Institute. It is being conducted at a research facility in central London. Participants will be compensated for their time and travel expenses.
For further information please contact Mr William Jenner at

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