January’s Monthly Meeting.

Happy New Year to you all. The meeting was postponed from the first Tuesday in the month as it was so close to New Year’s Day Parade in which several of our members took part. It has to be postponed again as Wembley Clubroom cannot be used.  Some mice chewed through the cables and caused a small fire. I am in touch with Junior Collins, who runs the Youth Club there and he will keep us informed as to when it may be possible to use it again.                                              Don’t worry I will be there next week to collect subs and money for dinner tickets.

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4 Responses to January’s Monthly Meeting.

  1. Ian Why says:

    Why not have it afetr the turbo session on Thursday?

  2. Ray Kelly says:

    That’s what we are doing. 8.00pm on Thursday. I spoke with Gladys about it yesterday. Glad is going to ask John Wheatley to e-mail it out.

  3. Ian Why says:

    Great minds…………

  4. John Wheatley says:

    Everyone should have received an email letting them know the revised date for the meeting of Thurs 12 Jan at 20:00 hundred hours.

    If you’re reading this on Friday 13th, unlucky- you missed the meeting.

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