Jane Moore Sets New LEJOG Record


Well we finally made it to the top. Jane arrived at John ‘o Groats at 22:45 on the Thursday night. She chose not to carry on for the 1000 miles as an achilles problem was beginning to flare up. The End to End was always the primary objective. There were a few bonuses on the way. All are subject to ratification. Jane could end up with the following – none of which have ever been achieved by a woman on a tricycle.

End to End 3 days 16 hours 45 minutes 21 seconds.
24 hours 302 miles
12 hours 161.3 miles
Also SWCRRA 12 hours
And Lands End to Bristol 14 hours 35 minutes.

The ride blog was followed by people as far away as New Zealand and an office in Munich was getting very excited as the story unfolded. Quite a few people had a late night on Thursday being unable to sleep until the ride reached its conclusion.

A hard act to follow.
Although there are two tandem trike standards that could be achievable.
Stewart Birnie also has plans to have a go by bike……

Mark Brooking

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E2E-4 E2E-3 End-to-End-7

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5 Responses to Jane Moore Sets New LEJOG Record

  1. Jane Moore says:

    I would like to add that none of this would have been possible without a brilliant support crew and the help we received from the club and all corners once this attempt moved from the bounds of dream to reality.

    Peter Faulks ~(Sudbury Cycle Club); Adrian Hills (Lewes Wanderers); Alison Brooking (Willesden CC); Alison and Martin Purser (Tricycle Association – observers Land’s End to Penrith); Hedley Stennet (start time keeper/observer to Penrith); Brenda and George Jackson (Tricycle Association – observers Penrith to John o’ Groats); Christine and Phil Minto (Time Keepers/Observers Penrith to John o’ Groats);
    Jim Hopper (Derby Mercury); George White (The Bomber’s – blue trike’s – Dad); Burple, the Purple trike….

    And most of all Trike Man, Mark Brooking, who was always there in support, had to deal with several emotional roller-coasters in the run up to the ride but who always believed in me and never doubted that this mad Saffer might actually pull it off .

    Your turn Stuart! I can’t wait.

  2. hippy says:

    Sorry to disappoint but I’ve cancelled my attempt. I burnt myself out before I even got to the start. 🙁

    But forget this loser, this is great stuff Jane. Really great! And you know I have ‘some’ idea of how hard this whole thing must have been so fantastic stuff!

  3. arabella says:

    Still got a big (vicarious) grin all over my face.
    Champion pedalling!

  4. Ian Why says:

    Well done Jane, that’s Brilliant!!
    And well done to the support crew!

    ( I can’t believe Mark can still get into that track top!!)

    • Mark Brooking says:

      That’s because its my Dads Directeur Sportif top !!!
      Seemed good to carry on where he left off.
      I can just about squeeze into the other one though.

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