Jane Moore – It’s Official!

Jane Moore received her certificate at the RRA lunch last week, which formally recognises her End-to-End record breaking ride.

Pictured below are three three lady End-to-Enders, they are

– Eileen Sheridan who set the women’s bike record in 1954.

– Lynne Taylor who has established the record twice on a bike and once on a mixed tandem.

– The Willesden CC’s very own Jane Moore who set the trike record in 2014 and the only award winner this time at what was quite a gathering of endurance athletes.

Mark Brooking has also been honoured with a place on the RRA committee. This is highly deserved as Mark put in an phenomenal amount of work into the preparation and running of Jane’s record ride. Well done Mark!

L to R:  Lynne, Jane and Eileen

L to R: Lynne, Jane and Eileen


Jane and Lynne

Jane and Lynne


Lynne and Eileen

Lynne and Eileen

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