Isle of Bright

Last year, it was the Isle of Brown.  This year, people were complaining that the support vehicle had not shown up to stow their arm-warmers away.   24 Willesden and Minet Ladies had descended once again on the Isle of Wight for the annual randonnee.  Enough of us to fill the St Michael’s Hotel, run by Mark Spencer, and the Ocean Deck pub/restaurant, run by Cap’n Birdseye.

Some of this year’s group had not ridden the 100k distance before, and the ride is challenging with numerous climbs and descents.  Every rider finished the course.

Next year we will make sure we get to the Castle Inn by 8.30pm on the Sunday, for the Pub Quiz.  No beer festival there this year, but Max the beermat catching Labrador did put in a late guest appearance.  Which US state is known as the Potato State? That’s £200!


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  1. Jim says:

    As John said every rider finished the distance, some much faster then others.I blame my late finish ie 18:10, 10 min. late on the numerous photo stops, long lunch break and the 40 min ice cream stop in Cowes. But who cares, it was a great day out. Book early for 2014.

    PS. Thanks to Wendy for organizing the weekend.

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