Hippy’s Hill Climb

2012 West London Combine Hill Climb – Windsor Hill (HCC011)

Another year and another horrid, rasping, coughing fit whilst trying to ascend a short, sharp hill as fast as gravity will let me. 2:05 as it turns out.

I’m pretty happy with 2:05.71 (I think) which puts me in 3rd or 4th overall and 1st Willesden CC rider. It’s only 4 seconds slower than last year on a bike that hasn’t been used all year other than as a spare. Although faster at all TT distances this year I thought the midfoot cleat position might hamper me more on the ‘all out’ hill climb. Actually, I don’t think it was the case at all. Motivation for this hill climb was low, having met all my goals and so I was a few kilos heavier this time around. Last year, can you believe, I actually stopped drinking for a while before this!
The coolest thing about hill climbs though is that people come to watch (you suffer) and cheer. I love that. So, thanks everyone who yelled or clapped and I will see you again next year, Windsor Hill. *shudders*

Reposted from Stuart Bernies web site (http://t.co/e9gLYafF)

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