Hillingdon Circuit – week 2

After last weeks antics, our green team were out in force for the second race of the series. Appearances from John (poseur) Williams, Tom (too fast) London, Rich (I’ve been training) Cooper and Richard (I’ve not been training) Jerome gave the team confidence in numbers.

There had been some mention of maybe using a team lead out to launch Tom to the win, this was the first time this had been tried by the team but they were still (over) confident.

There was a much larger field than last week and the average speed was 26mph so this week was a much bigger challenge. After a few attacks the race seemed to be coming down to a sprint…

With 3 laps to go Rich Cooper was in a break away from the bunch but it looked likely to be caught. The look on Rich’s face as the bunch caught him gave everyone the impression he wouldn’t be taking part in the sprint.

Then with 1 and a half laps to go Richard Jerome overcame a wardrobe malfunction to get on the front and take control of the race. Richard tried his best and John and Tom were both on his wheel, things were looking good, until…..disaster, Richard had gone way too early and without the 4th man (Rich Cooper) the pairing on John Williams and Tom London were left on the front of the race with 1 lap to go!

John and Tom tried their best to hold off the field but were swamped up by the race in the sprint with Tom possibly holding on to a top ten place.

UPDATE – full results.

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