Great Ormond Street Hospital – Appeal

Hi guys and gals of the WCC, this is your Hon Sec calling

This year (2007) I am riding the PBP for the FIFTH time (who said get a life!?)
For those of you who don’t know (really?) this is a 1200km/750 mile ride that must be completed in 90 hours max.In my four previous rides I have got round in 89 hours, 89 hours, 89 hours, 88 hours.
This time I thought I might try to put the ride to some worthwhile use and use the ride as a charity appeal.

Many cycling charity collections go for The Heart business. I thought I would go for the children’s charity – GOSH – Great Ormond Street Hospital. Probably the greatest tragedy on planet earth is the death of a child. It ruins lives forever. Many children who are referred to the hospital have a poor prognosis.

Great ormond Street Hospital is at the leading edge of research but NHS funding is insufficient to meet the needs and so the hospital has to rely on charitable donations. I have launched the appeal at my own school with good response. Now I am inviting you to contribute to the collection
I hope you feel that any contribution would be worthwhile.

I have set myself two targets for completing the ride: 84 hours and 75 hours.
I am inviting you to make two offers/contributions – one if I meet the 84 hour target and an additional one if I make the 75 hour target. As things stand at the present time, if you offer an 84 hour contribution then you will probably have to pay up. However, for the additional 75 hour offer your money might be safe. I have had three weeks off the bike with a nasy bug so am behind with my preparation. However I am working on it so you have been warned!

If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause then please email me with your offer(s) at

Mike “The Bike” Ellison

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