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The Willesden have gone International !.
Paul Doel, a 2nd claim Life Member of the club went to Majorca to ride in the Vuelta Mallora, a week long International Masters event.
In the 4day event consisting of road racing and a time trial Paul was placed 5th, 7th, 11th and 19th finishing in 12th place overall and was the 1st placed English rider. Riding in the 2 single day road races as well meant he finished 5th in his age group (50 plus) for the week.
The attached photo shows him with the trophy he won when placed 5th in one of the road stages. Paul is the 2nd on the left in the front row..
At home Pete Cookson finished his racing for this year in the Brighton Mitre 25 and in very windy conditions recorded 1.08.16.

Background information for you!
Paul is the manager of The Bike Shop, North Harrow and they have a club called Team Quest, The Bike Shop. However, his racing licence shows he is a member of Willesden C.C, and he was listed on all the start sheets as a Willesden rider. He is also married to my daughter Susan!

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