Glad’s Tidings – w/e 24 September 2006

The club’s Audax section were in action making preparations for next year’s Paris -Brest-Paris.

Liz Creese organized the “Autumn Assortment”, three rides of 200km, 100km and a 50km starting from Ruislip. One of the club’s newest members 16 year old David Hinton rode the 200 km as did Hilary Pandya and Danny Fisher- all not detered by the very wet start. In the 100 km Ian Oliver and his son Pieter ,Steve Maslin and son David, Annie Birch and Martin O’Connor took part. The 50km ride was started in better conditions and ridden by by Mike Ellison,Mick Hill,Diplak Pandya, Rocco Richardson and John Tipping.

The Racing season is practically over so there are very few events to come .Meurig James rode in the North Hampshire R.C. on Saturday and took 2nd place with a personal best time of 54.33 whilst Gill Reynolds on Sunday defied the floods and finished in 2nd place in the Hounslow and District Wheelers 25 at Aldermarston with a 1.06.11. Meurig rode on Sunday in the Surrey League Road Race at Cutmill and finished in 14th place.

Cheers for now, Gladys

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