Glad’s Tidings – Racing round up 22 July 07

Ed Packard was persuaded to try his hand at road racing and together with Richard Jerome, Richard Melik and Chris James took part in the Terry Cronin 3/4 category event at Hillingdon Circuit. Chris had to change a wheel early on in the event and Ed tried to break away with 3 laps to go but was soon caught by the field. Nevertheless they all finished in the bunch.

Martin Lucas meanwhile was up North riding in the Mersey 24hr time trial and covered 409.88 miles.

Sunday morning saw Ed back to time trialling riding in the West London Combine 50 mile on the Amersham Road finishing in 2.09.54. Richard Jerome recorded 2.14.36 and Brian Moon 2.31.26.

Gill and Ron Purdy weren’t able to compete in the North Hants R.C. 10 as the headquarters were at the Aldermarston School which had been evacuated because of the floods.

All for now,

Cheers Gladys

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  1. Edward says:

    24 hour time trialling sounds fun. Next year, perhaps…

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