Glad’s Tidings – 14th May 07

This weeks events were badly affected by the rain. Ed Packard rode on Wednesday evening at Maidenhead and did 24.16 on the wet roads.

On Saturday the event that Gill Reynolds, Richard Jerome and Brian Moon had entered down at Andover was cancelled due to the dangerous conditions with flooded areas on the course.
Chris James and Ron Purdy were luckier in their event- the Bossard Wheelers 10, at Billington as the rain ceased for a while, just long enough for them to complete the distance before a torrential downpour. Chris recorded his fastest time for 3 years 26.51. Ron didn’t intend to ride, as the roads were wet, but he had to go to the start to take Chris’s number so he changed his mind and recorded 29.40 being the 3rd fastest vet on Standard.
Sunday in the Charlotteville 50 miles at Bentley our 3 riders returned some good times, Richard Melik was 17th, from a field of 90 riders, with 2.03.53, Russell O’Malley 2.15.48 and Jenny Gowans was 3rd fastest lady with 2.17.47.
The Audax section of the club are due to ride 600kms next weekend .
Hope the weather improves!
Cheers Gladys.
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