Glad’s Tiding – w/e 14/15 June 08

Road Racing
The road racers have been back in action this week. On Tuesday evening at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit John Williams gained his first placing(10th) in the 4th cat. race. Wednesday saw Richard Jerome in action in the Surrey League event at Elmore taking 4th place in the 3/4 cat event.
Richard gained entry to the 1st cat. event at the Minet Park Festival on Saturday ,and after riding strongly,finished in 9th place. This Tuesday it is the club’s turn to promote the racing at Hillingdon and we are hoping for some good results.

Time Trialing
The time trialists were in action in a club event down on the Amersham Road and Simon Wicks, riding his first solo time trial, finished fastest in 1.06.05 followed by Jayne Paine who took first handicap with a 1.07.12, Chris James 1.14.12, Brian Moon 1.16.01 and Mick Jerome 1.19.40.
Brian had been riding the previous day in the Farnham Road Club 25 and returned in 1.09.01. Gill Reynolds also rode in this event and was the 4th fastest lady in 1.05.05.
Ed Packard, who last weekend rode the Paris/Roubaix Sportive in France(read all about it on his blog if you have the time!) has a cold and but still rode the 26 miles to the start of the Plomesgate 30. He was disappointed to finish in 1.18.30.

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