Ed’s Easter time trial frenzy

Rather than traditional Easter weekend pursuits, such as going to the garden centre or DIY store, the Squadra Verde was out in force in order to prove their collective worth in the ‘race of truth’.

First up, a sunny morning in Knowl Hill for the High Wycombe Lesley Cole memorial 10. The course was slightly adjusted in order to prevent a chaotic intersection of runners/cyclists, which by my judgement made it a bit quicker.

The Willesden riders performed thus:
Richard Jerome 25:26
Ronald Purdy 32:04
Edward Packard 23:49 PB
Suzz Patel 26:23
Catherine Ostler 32:07
Gill Reynolds 26:51

I headed up to Cambridge on the Saturday to test my mettle at the ECCA 10, held on the testing E3/10 course near Bottisham. I’d never gone under 26 minutes on this before, but managed a 24:36.

To celebrate Easter Sunday, a brave quartet of Willesden riders headed out to the A413 for the latest instalment of the West London Combine series. It was sunny, chilly, and thankfully the gale force winds that marred the last event were absent.
Jayne Payne: 1:10:38
Chris James: 1:13:40
Ed Packard: 1:03:33 PB
Richard Jerome1:09:30

Jayne selflessly lost a few seconds through her insistence on waving at every competitor she spotted. Easter Sunday drivers also proved a problem for Chris and myself. The lorry driver who slowed me up on the Chalfont double roundabout surely must’ve heard my expletive-laden rant, given I repeated it enough at high volume.

Ed Packard
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