Digger Baulch – a tribute from his Leicestershire clubmates

This is the tribute to Digger on the RTTC Legends Facebook page, with permission by Dave Binks of Leicestershire RC. The RTTC group is a closed one, so I have copied it verbatim here.

I have just been told that Paul Baulch, who, as a member of the Willesden CC in the late 1950s, was one of the top riders in time trialling. I believe he finished 2nd in the BBAR at that time. He later moved to Leicester and rode for the Leicestershire Road Club for some time before moving over to the Ratae RC, another Leicester club. Paul was a great clubman, and for many years always stood on the same corner, as marshal, in the LRC’s Hilly TT on Easter Monday. Paul had been ill for some time.

RIP, Paul, and I’ll “See you up the road”.

If I can find a photo, I’ll post it later.

  • I only remember the Digger of the late fifties, teamed with John Blunsdon. I rode with/against them many times, often chatting. RIP Digger.
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    Hi. I am Paul’s younger daughter, Lindsay. Thank you all for your kind words. Cycling was Dad’s life-long passion and he was never happier than when out on his bike. He made lasting friendships through cycling and in recent years was President of the Ratae RC. He enjoyed the social side of the Club after he could no longer cycle. He will be greatly missed.
    May be an image of 1 person, standing, outdoors and text that says "JOHN GROATS LANDS END 874 PENTLAND SKERRIES 6 LEICESTER 27THAUGUST 1988 601 ORKN SHETLAND ES medella"

    Dave Binks replied
    The photo is just as I remember him, Lindsay, even down to the LRC/Medella jersey! It was sad to see his health deteriorate in the latter few years, but it didn’t seem to affect his sense of happiness. A life-long cyclist in the true tradition of someone who really liked just riding his bike.
    The first Time Trial star of the day I met. It was in a field on Pangbourne Lane. Being a Junior I was in awe but still remember that he took time out to talk to me and wish me all the best in my cycling future. I remember his nick name was “Digger”. RIP Paul.
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      John Jones

      yes, Digger was the name we used, at his request.

    • Paul was a true gentleman.
      Was a regular on the Wednesday run which met at the Durham Ox at 10.00 on the way to Sedgebrook or Margaret’s cafe at Redmile. This was in the 1990’s.
      Paul was a member of Willesden CC that held the 30 mile team competition record in 1954 that was not broken until 1963.
      RIP Paul.
      • I remember Paul on the Wednesday runs to Sedgebrook & Redmile in the 90’s -he was good fun and always enjoyed a blast back after the cafe
      I first saw Paul in the late 70s when he was riding the Leicestershire RC club events. He was, of course, well into the Vets category at that time. I knew nothing of his race pedigree when I commented on his wiggly line when racing. He just laughed and said he had always ridden like that. I said he would go faster if he rode in a straight line. Imagine my embarrassment when I found out how good a rider he had been!
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    Men Cyclists | Time Trial
    Very sad news, Paul was such a nice man and a super cyclist ,with an immaculate pedalling action.condolences to the famiy
    Rip Paul x
  • Oh that is a great shame. Have a lovely story about Paul circa 1967. I rode the Milk Race crit at Blackpool, a nocturne sponsored by Camping Gaz. Got home in Peterborough about 1am and at 6am I reported to the Sans Souci F1 25 tt. Shocked to see my gear mech crushed in boot of car. Paul the absolute gentleman proffered me his bike as he just finished and I had enough time to lower saddle (he was taller than me) and put my pedals on his cranks. Think I finished 5th that morning rudely beating Paul’s time. I then met up with again at Baz Clarkes funeral a few years ago. Great rider, nice guy RIP.
    • That’s a shame, he used to come over and ride the wvw tens afew years back.
      I didn’t realise at the time what a great rider he’d been.
      RIP Paul
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