Combine 10mile Sun 4-3-12

It was a very wet morning for the first club event of the season. Congratulations must go to those riding their first ever timetrial in such conditions. Experienced riders Ray Kelly and Gill Reynolds returned in 30.04 and 31.17. Kel also took the 1st handicap. Mick Paddington won 2nd handicap in 35.04(11mins).Other times – Julie Fry 31.40, Paul Kaffel 32.53 Julian Holden 37.52, Wendy Mears(who started 5.25secs late as she lost her way to the start)40.12 and most unfortunate of all was Stephen Roffe who punctured just as he was on the starting line.

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  1. Wendy Mears says:

    I am audax rider – I have the right to get lost.

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