Willesden CC – Ladies Kit

The final designs are out – so rush your order (and sizes) over to Ray “All the Kit all the Kolours” Kelly.

Jersey costs are as follows –

Short Sleeve  £35
Long Sleeve  £40

These items are strictly to order only – Ray will not be holding a stock. So it is vital to let him know what size and quantity you would like.

I believe Ray is only taking orders for short and long sleeve tops at present, but here is a taster of potential designs for matching shorts and an array of accessories. Who knows what is possible if the demand is there!

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3 Responses to Willesden CC – Ladies Kit

  1. Ian Why says:

    It would look nice in red!!

  2. arabella says:

    Why are only ladies allowed to wear pink???? I think we should be told. I know a certain club member has avery fetching pink hat … I’m sure he’d like matching kit.

  3. Linda Worsfold says:

    I would be interested in buying the cycling ladies bib shorts size 10. i’m not a member but have a Jersey
    is this possible?
    regards Linda Worsfold
    Tony Willard mate from his charity ride

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