Club Records

Stewart Birnie has asked “What are the club records? Is there a list of these?”

This is a very good question and I think all records and trophies should be detailed on the web site, however most of us do not know what they are.

Can Any one help? Can any one tell me what the club records are and what trophies are up for grabs. It will all help with motivation for 2010.

John Davies
10 Nov 09

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  1. purdypig says:

    Hi John, I did have a list of records when I was ordering the medals in the distant past. Rocco must have some idea and he should know what the trophies are awarded for. I look in the cupboard under the stairs to see if I can find the old records.
    Cheers Gladys

  2. hippy says:

    How did we go with these? Are there any really old and slow ones I could have a go at? Perhaps trike records or maybe 'number of scones eaten during one clubrun'? 🙂

    I've heard 19.56 for 10mi and 55 for 25mi so far.

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