Chris James

As many of you may already know Chris James, affectionately known to all of us simply as “Jumbo”, passed away yesterday afternoon. Chris was a very keen and valuable member of the Willesden CC and did much to help people in any way he could.  At the December AGM he was awarded the WCC Sash-of-Honour as recognition of his cheerful, helpful and welcoming manner as the “Signer-on” at the club’s Friday afternoon training sessions at Hillingdon – he made parting with £3 a pleasure! He will be fondly remembered by many, RIP Jumbo.

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  1. Adrian Feek / team quest/ baines racing says:

    My one memory of Chris is of a ride out on one Thursday some years ago, a group of us left Denham the usual suspects present , you know the ones, oh I have not been doing too much; you know only a shade under 350 miles last week ! Chris’ s face was full of apprehension, I assured him it would be OK and we all rode off together,after some time of going up and down dale we ended up going over Northchurch ,and then down to Albury. Up the other side and out towards Pitstone ,the group had wittled down to six by then and Chris was still hanging in there. He told me how he had just got new look pedals and was getting used to them, the speed was going up all the time and Chris was starting to struggle but as tenacious as he was, he said nothing. Unlike myself who was groaning and moaning On a little further through Pitstone and suddenly Chris lost concentration and touch a wheels, he fell heavily and broke his ankle! He said he could not get his foot out of the pedal quick enough. When i looked at them, he had got them on their tightest setting. He said he was worried about pulling his foot out whilst riding anyway. The ambulance took a while to come and despite all this, Chris kept his sense of humour laying on the curb; he looked up and noticed we were opposite a vets , and promptly said, “Just take me across there and they can put me down!” We all fell about laughing, he was more worried about his bike and where we were going to leave it. It was a nice look frame that he had not long had, anyway we left it in the vets and Chris was packed off to hospital. I will never forget the determination he showed in trying to hang on that day, and just how much tenacity he had. I had the good fortune to get to know Chris better over the years often racing the same time trials and riding other club events. He remained resilient throughout his illness as optimistic and tenacious as ever, I shall miss him .

  2. Justin says:

    I’m so sad to hear the terrible news. Jumbo was one of the nicest blokes I’ve ever met. We had so many good larfs together – he helped me so much by taking me to races in his little van & I have a special fond memory when we all went to Boulogne for a randonne many years ago. I will miss bumping into him in Hampstead where he ran his cleaning business.
    Thanks for being a good friend. RIP jumbo.

  3. john.tip . thurs. 20th feb 2014 says:

    sad to hear the news of the passing of cris. a great guy who always had a friendly word. from days long ago when i broke my ankle, cris used to say watch those screws, they do come lose. so glad he was honoured at the last club dinner/awards night. R.I.P.

  4. edward packard says:

    Very sad to hear this news – I remember Jumbo’s encouragement, welcoming manner and general friendliness when I first joined the Willesden. A top man.

    RIP Jumbo.

  5. Stan Vygus says:

    Sorry to learn about Chris. I was very happy to help with marshalling at the two up time trials he organised. Chris was a member in the “old school” he enjoyed club life for what he put into it. Rather than what he got out of it. So sad Chris, R.I.P.

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