Bunty pulls it off!

Jayne Paine (real name Bunty Breathless) is the Club’s 2007 Hill climb champion. Bunty gave Brian Moon a jolly good thrashing at the West London Combine Hill Climb held at Windsor Hill. Bunty was the fastest gal, finishing in 2mins 46 secs. Brian Moon, weighed down by his free bus pass could only manage 3mins 13 secs.

It seems Bunty had a few japes up her short sleeves….

“Hi Girls,

I am glowing with pride!

Well the nobbling of Brian; it was a work of genius! Ron Purdy gave me the idea last week in the Red Lion at Whiteleaf. I arrived on the course half an hour early. I checked to see nobody was about. I knew that Brian would be one of the first off; this was intrinsic to my dastardly plan!

Half way up, past the bend in the middle of the road , I planted a nice crispy fiver! We started at 1 minute intervals and I was the next to go after Brian . As I rounded the bend , I saw the wily dog snatch the note off the road and hop back on his long-suffering cycle. I swear he had barely lost a minute. He attacked that hill with new vigour, and I was forced to hit him on the head with my new bicycle pump ( I got my fiver back! ). Fortunately he doesn’t remember.

Brian got his own back on me soon after that. We met up with the club run at Stokenchurch , via about 8 of the most evil hills in Bucks . At the garden centre , he told me that we could have tootled along the A40.

Anyway , we all had a very jolly day.

Gosh must dash,

Bunty Breathless – Hill Climb Champion 2007″

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