British Cycling/Skyride photo shoot

We’ve just received a request for a number of cyclists to take part in a photo shoot for the Mayor of London’s Skyride campaign. It will take place in a large studio (perhaps at Pinewood) for two days during the week commencing January 18 2010

They will need approximately 11-13 models (and bicycles!) who fit the following descriptions –

Models Required:
1. Young Mum – with bike with basket on handle bars
2. 5 year old boy – with kids bike including stabilizers
3. 30 something man – with “Racer”
4. Teenage boy – BMX
5. Old man – Brompton
6. 20 year old girl Student – Girls Mountain bike
7. Teenage Girl – Girls bike
8. 25 year old man – Extreme Mountain bike
9. Dad with kid – Bike with kids carrier on back
10. 40ish man to be paired with a road bike
11. 30ish woman to be paired with a mountain bike.

The day rate to each model is £250/day – this is to cover full advertising rights.

If you fit the bill then please contact Jim or Wendy Mears, via-


Miles Back
05 Jan 09

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