Bike Thefts – Hog Hill

A word of warning for anyone using the Hog Hill circuit about security. You may or not be aware that there have been a number of bike thefts recently so people have taken to locking up their bikes when not racing. Well it seems that a small ‘deterrent’ lock isn’t sufficient, make sure you take a hefty lock with you and use it.


Here’s a plea for info regarding the latest theft….

Not from our club but the theft of a bike from Hog Hill should alert us all. Pictures of the thief stolenbikethief.pdf and the bike stolenbikeposter.pdf are linked too. See the message below from Steve Jensen:
Hi everyone,
My son Georg had his bike stolen from Hog Hill yesterday after the youth race today. The bike was locked up, but the thief cut the lock and made off. Luckily it was all filmed and one of our club members photographed the assailant. I’ve attached information about his bike (which he saved for and built himself) and the mug shot of the mug who took it! The car number plate is from Sidcup. If anyone hears or sees anything about this please let me know. Not so much fun up at Hog Hill these day! If you can forward this to any club members or friends of cycling who might appreciate the information, or who might help Georg. Please contact me on 07810333722 or LVYCC Bob Griffiths (Club Secretary) on 01708 550738. Thanks a lot. Regards
Steve Jensen

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  1. Ian Why says:

    I hear they have got the bike back which is good news.
    All they have to do now is hang the thief and all will be right with the world!!

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