Audax UK Prizegiving – The Willesden Haul!

Mark Brooking went the last weekend’s Audax UK AGM and Prizegiving and came back with this report…

The Audax do was a hoot as ever. Willesden came away with quite a haul – VC167 were not amused as they got nothing!So :-

Peter Turnbull – Mens individual champion.
Liam Fitzpatrick – Services to AUK Award (something to do with publicity)
Willesden CC – Club championship (won by the top 6 points totals – Peter Turnbull, Paul Stewart, Mel Kirkland,Martin Lucas, Richard Jennings & Liam Fitzpatrick.)

A pretty good haul.

Arabella Maude won the Ladies fixed wheel points championship & got a ‘Mugs’ award for stoking a tandem trike for 1230km in a somewhat toxic environment.

Damon Peacocks DVD has some marvelous footage with Paul Stewart nodding off in the background of a lengthy interview. He knows how to get in a state!!

Photo by Chris Smith.

Some added photos from Ken Turnbull:

Peter Turnbull winning the AUK Individual Rider's Trophy

Peter Turnbull winning the AUK Individual Rider's Trophy

The AUK Club Trophy

The AUK Club Trophy

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