Audax – Summer Arrow

An Audax arrow is a team ride that can start anywhere in the UK, but finishes in York. The aim is to see how many kilometres you can rack up in 24 hours. Willesden CC’s Martin Lucas and Mel Kirkland were joined by Steve Abraham last week end for the Summer Arrow. Here’s Martin’s update on their adventure –

Completed a summer arrow with Mel and Steve Abraham over the weekend on a near repeat of the easter arrow route. We settled for 506 km in the end, made King’s Lynn at 245 km in 9 hours and decided during the night that we didn’t fancy/couldn’t be bothered to push towards the upper limit on distance (575 km). We found a nice comfortable bank lobby in Beverley @ 434 km to rest in and then had a steady ride to York via Howden. Mel had some luverly go faster campag wheels but the speeding bullet style was slightly hindered when his tribars fell off on the way to King’s Lynn (a nice fatigue failure). Steve rode very impressively on his 80″ gear. I tagged along behind them! Lots of cyclists in York for the CTC rally. Martin”

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