Audax – Mille Miglia

A number of our Audax riders are taking part in the 1600km Mille Miglia Audax ride in Italy. The route runs down from Milan to a point just north of Rome and back again, oh… and there is the odd moutain or twenty along the way.

I will update the blog each morning with the progress of our riders. They started last night (Moday 16th Aug) and this was the order in which they departed Milan.

21:01 Martin Lucas
21.31 Ian Oliver, Ray Kelly and Akiko Kawachi
21:32 Julian Holden
21:44 Mel Kirkland
21:44 Peter Turnbull

The next check point will be at 473km (Near Florence). This first stage is flat and fast, so I imagine they will start to pass through there late this afternoon to evening.

Check the blog tomorrow for the next update.

John Davies
17 August 2010

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