Andrew Deaner

I’ve just been reading the Evening Standard in which there is an article about Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba. The player who had a heart attack whilst playing in a match against Spurs at White Hart Lane.

The article praises Andrew Deaner, the consultant cardiologist who saved Fabrice’s life at the match. Andrew as many of you know, is a member of The Willesden Cycling Club and was one of our riders in last year’s Paris Brest Paris. Fabrice couldn’t have been in better hands. Well done Andrew.

Ray Kelly

Andrew’s skill also appears in the Daily Express, The Guardian, and across many football blogs.

Miles Back



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  1. Denis Falvey says:

    Well done Andrew, this is not the first time you have shown your humanity and professionalism. Those of us who were on PBP August 2003 at Mortagne -au- Perche at 5 am in the morning with at 1000 Kilometers in your legs witnessed you take control when our team mate needed urgent attention.

    Thank you Andrew


  2. John Wheatley says:

    The winner of the Sash of Honour for 2012 is clearly already decided. Plus free dinner tickets I say.

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