An Invite to a Ride in France (via the Audax Forum)

The following message has been received and is passed on for the benefit of any members who would like to participate. Any queries should be sent direct to Camille at

From : Cassaro Camille Cycloclub Fabrègues (France)
Subject : BCMF Caroux – Espinouse June 2013

Dear Sir,

We are putting together with Jean Joël Rudnicki a biking ride, in the  mountains of the “Haut Languedoc”. This event is planned starting from the  city of Bedarieux, on the 29 – 30 June 2013, for two days of biking tourism  in the superb landscape of the “Regional Parc du Haut Languedoc”. We would  like very much to have participants from UK. The FFCT monthly magazine will  put it under press next December or early next year. It’s basically a 226 km  distance and 3600m difference in height. I do not know how to contact  cyclotourism British associations in order to send them informations on this  project. Could you help, either by sending me a main head contact or a list  of organisations. I’ll send them our homework with all the usefull points on  this project.

Yours sincerely

Cassaro Camille
Cycloclub Fabregues

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