Accredited Marshall Training

The following email has just been received from BC…
From: Lucie Gallen 
Subject: Training course for accredited marshals in Central Region

Evening all!

First of all I want to wish you all a happy new year. I do hope you’ve managed to enjoy the festive season while avoiding the other C-word. 
While the race calendar is gradually taking shape, I’m writing to ask for your help. Mark Doel has managed to get two courses for accredited marshal training approved to bolster our ranks with a third one lined up. The first course is scheduled for Sunday, 16th January at Hillingdon (start 11 a.m.) with the second on 12th Feb at Abingdon.
Anyway, what I want to ask you if you could help spread the word by sharing this information and link with your respective clubs (if you are a member of one), and encourage anybody interested to step up.
Thanks very much for your assistance,
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