A big thankyou for all who rode the Reliability Trial


The Willesden Reliability Trial was a great success again. Blessed with clement weather a total of 116 riders pitted themselves against some of the toughest roads in the Chilterns. All had to be signed on, fed and watered. Special thanks must go to Gladys, Ron, and family for sterling efforts in the kitchen. Thanks also to Liam, Rocco and Jumbo for helping out with signing on.


A pair of riding glasses were found in the hall yesterday. Mail squadra.verde@gmail.com with a description if they’re yours.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A great day’s cycling with a really nice and chatty bunch of riders- although we could have done with the same chap who in last week’s Denham reliability run ( moderate pace group) bossed the 2nd out peleton- keeping a good bunch together for 56 kms . I think the conditions were ideal for a chain on 22 feb – but after 44kms I got dropped – but thanks to the two guys who kept me going at the end. Slipstreamers had another good day and once again watched a lot of us older guys come in later.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A really enjoyable day. Good to see such a huge amount of new Willesden kit on display. As befits my name I finished last on the 60km.

    Miles Back

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