Apres la deluge……Le Tour

After weeks of grey murk the clouds magically parted to reveal Le Tour in all its glory. What a fabulous weekend it was.

Trafalgar Sq was rammed full on Friday night for the opening ceremony. A great evening only slightly marred by those two precocious children speaking French. Missed the fireworks whilst enjoying a good Chinese meal in Soho.

Prologue was good, with Kloden and Cancellara showing breath taking power as they steamed up the incline towards the Albert memorial. At the end of the race the knot of Willesden riders concluded the French Gendarmes had mega cool kit and hardware. They made the Met look frumpy and just a bit podgy.

By Sunday we were beginning to flag, but managed to find the energy to drive/ride down to Tonbridge to see the riders whiz up the 4th Cat climb. There was an excellent turnout there by an highly enthusiastic crowd. Following the race there was a ride-by of vintage bikes, a marching band and the massed drums of the what could have been the Tonbridge Pagan society. Rounded the day off a treat.

How was your tour?
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