24hour Time Trial – Mark Brooking’s Report

While Wiggo was finishing a bit of a ride Willesden were in action up in Cheshire.

Stuart Birnie was second by a mere 8 miles with 480.723. New member Jane Swain wearing Willesden pink set a new ladies Vest record for ladies tricycle with 333.628. She also beat my best by 15 miles so I will have to be brave and have another go.

I lost my mixed Longbarrow best to Ralph Dadswell and Marina Bloom who added 23 miles to my previous best with 424 to set a new Comp record.

A good weekend for cycling all round


Here is Stuart at the start

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4 Responses to 24hour Time Trial – Mark Brooking’s Report

  1. hippy says:

    I didn’t realise it was Jane, a Willesden rider, in the pink kit until she was off the bike on the finishing circuit I think and I could see the club name across the jersey, doh!

    The start..

  2. Gladys Purdy says:

    I didn’t know we had anyoneelse riding in the 24 when I looked at the start seet.

  3. hippy says:

    There were two others. I didn’t recognise Jane in the pink Willesden kit!
    No idea who the other bloke is I’m afraid.

    There’s a CTT report here: http://www.ctt.org.uk/Home/tabid/36/itemid/3124/Default.aspx

  4. John Wheatley says:

    A fantastic ride. Congratulations!

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