Some timely advice for what to wear (and what not to wear) on August bike ride in France.

Raymondo Kelnago is currently in the USA setting up his international canine fashion empire. His cousin Bradley Spannerman has thoughtfully agreed to step into the breach to continue Raymondo’s riveting fashion and practical bike stuff articles for the blog.

In this issue Bradley writes on appropriate clothing to be worn on long distance events. The Do’s and Don’ts.From head to toe:

  • Do wear a well fitting and undamaged helmet with warm headwear available to put underneath, (a bandana or cotton cap will do).
  • Do protect your eyes with sun or plain glasses. (It is essential according to cousin Raymondo that they should cost the earth).
  • Do wear several layers of clothes, a long sleeve top with a short sleeve one underneath. A good quality undervest with a spare thermal vest and a good quality breathable waterproof jacket in your saddle bag will usually suffice. Taken to extremes, you could carry every item that you have ever purchased a la Mark Brooking. Better be safe than sorry.
  • Do wear well fitting shorts/ bibshorts and have long training bottoms available to combat the freezing cold nights (and Sunday afternoons).
  • Do Wear White socks which are a must and should be worn inside well fitting comfortable cycling shoes. If hot foot sets in, loosen the straps or laces of your shoes for extra comfort.
  • Do wear track mitts and always carry some light gloves for those chilly moments.
  • Don’t wear a knackered helmet
  • Don’t wear a cheap plastic waterproof jacket
  • Don’t wear worn out cycle clothes with the crotch worn out
  • Don’t wear pants under your cycling shorts. Antiseptic cream is the only thing to wear under shorts
  • Don’t look like Mike the Bike
  • Definitely don’t wear trade kit, Willesden clobber is essential (see Ray while stocks last). Kelnago palpitates at the very thought.

That’s all for now. Onwards and upwards. Definitely upwards if The Beast from the East is your thing.

Bradley Spannerman

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