2015 Time Trial Season starts here !

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2015 time trial season !

One bit of news for this year, we have raised the fee for entries to £5 per race. Remember once you enter, whether you race on the day or not, you will still need to pay. If whatever reason you enter and can’t compete, as long as you give me enough notice and I can get you withdrawn from the start sheet you won’t need to pay. Basically if your name is on the start sheet, you pay.

Has it only be 4 months since our last event of 2014? Time has flown by and I am hoping you’ve all been on those turbo trainers and braving the weather to put in the miles.

Entries are now being taken for the first event of the season , which as usual is held on the Maidenhead thicket course on March 1st . It could be raining, it could be snowing and windy. But as all of you who have competed the last few years, it is rarely warm and probably at least two of the conditions I mentioned.
If you could let me have you entry by February 20th along with your personal best for a 10 mile time trial and I can get you on the start sheet.


Mick Paddington
Willesden CC Time Trial Sec

Email me to enter

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