2013 International Tricycle Challenge

Earlier this month the Tricycle world championships were held in Kent. It was here that Jane Swain scooped two wins to make her a double world champion in the space of one afternoon. Mark Brooking has sent in his report of the day and as well as some news of this weekend’s tricycle racing.

A glorious day in warm sunshine made for a splendid day out.

This years challenge was in the UK. In previous years it has been held in France and Belgium. It has to be said that most of the riders come from the UK as tricycles are a British eccentricity.

The events were based on the Foulmead cycle circuit in Kent.
It is made up of a large circuit of 2.2 miles which can be split into two smaller loops. The first event was a 10 mile individual time trial comprising of 4 ‘n a bit laps and a strong wind from the coast made the uphill finishing straight into a grovel.

Fastest man was Barry Charlton with 23:50.
Next was Ian Finch with 27:09.
Jane Swain was fastest lady 31:08
Mark Brooking a scant 6 seconds up with 31:02.

This was followed by a team relay comprising of riders whose total times were similar. The organiser’s team won by lots. Nuff said.

In the afternoon there was a 45 minutes +2 laps criterium. This used one of the smaller circuits but used elements of a second circuit to provide two right hand bends of almost hairpin status to break up the flow. These were coupled with a chicane on the back straight.

Barry and Jane won their classes. Barry lapped the field.
Jane took a win from Alison Purser in the final sprint for the line. She had a bloodied elbow from a mishap on one of the tighter bends – no sign of it on Youtube (yet). I was 14th – the same placing as in the timetrial so pretty consistent.

Mark Brooking bossing his trike

Mark Brooking bossing his trike

So Jane returned home with two very nice pieces of glassware and is Lady world Tricycle champion. I am sure she will be back to defend it next year.

This weekend Jane will be teaming up with Lindsay Clayton on the tandem trike in a bid to be part of the first ladies crew to complete the distance. Next month she will be teaming up with club member Arabella Maude to have a pop at the Mersey 24 which could be another first. Shout at them when you go by Hippy !

Jane and Arabella try the Longbarrow out for size.

Jane and Arabella try the Longbarrow out for size.

Mark Brooking


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  1. Ian Why says:

    Well done Jayne and Mark!

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